Hardcore/Screamo band from Cleveland, Ohio.
Title: Home Artist: Warning Shot! 10 plays


The Crossed - Home

Now goes under the name Alley People, had members of Warning Shot.  Nice ass track

Our guitarist Russ Sanderson’s old band.

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Got the rough mixes of our ep, releasing four songs as a free download and also putting them out on cassette. There will be a fifth song on the physical release and as a hidden track if you buy it online. Jeff quit the band via text message because he “just wasn’t into it anymore”, Eric Egan is drumming for us now when he isn’t serenading teenage girls with Ages. Already working on new ish,merch soon.

The life that you are seeking,you will never find.

More weight.


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Not that many people follow us,but we are recording a five song ep in exactly one week! We are attempting to record everything in one day and I’m pretty sure it will be documented on video. Get stoked!

Russ Sanderson

Our new guitarist(who is actually a founding member from the first time I tried to start this band,in 2008) used to play guitar and sing in this band;he is a goddamn musical savant. Http://MySpace.com/warningshotism

Thinking of covering this song,thoughts?

Max Schreck

Listen and learn.

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